[DOCKER-SWARM] Introduction & Workshop : build a scalable application environment

This article is a short introduction to the clustering and scheduling tool for containers from Docker : Docker Swarm. We will cover some core principles of this technology and show how it can help build scalable environments to deploy web-application. The workshop will guide you through a first architecture implementation and give you hints for your next steps.

[GIT] Continuous deployment using Git’s Bare repositories, Remotes & Hooks

It is always useful to be able to deploy a code revision at any time of the application development process. But having to operate manually can be a hassle and becomes a time-consuming task in the long run. With Git, you can set up a simple mechanism to automate deployments on various remotes.

[DOCKER] Introduction & Workshop

This article is for beginners who wish to get a first look at Docker technology. The first part is to introduce some key notions to understand how the engine works. It is then followed by a workshop to manipulate Docker and run a Lumen application through containers. The workshop is focused on Docker so you won't need any background knowledge in Lumen to get through it.

[Salesforce] Maximize user adoption with a successful data integration

Integrating Salesforce within your organisation is a huge project that will require lots of resources and reflexion. From interface design to user training, there are lots of steps to get through. User adoption is a key indicator when deploying a CRM solution, and one of the principal factors is data integration.